Coverage: Akhnaton Operette @DAI_Kuwait

Yesterday was the first show of the Arabic operette Akhnaton. It tells the story of the pharaoh Akhnaton, obviously, in a series of major events that happened during his ruling of Egypt.

The actors did a great job. Everyone was so into their role and their acting skills were beyond my expectations. A very talented group of people. Well done.

My favorite character was non of the leading ones though, it was a guy who only appeared twice as a priest , sang beautifully! If I’m not mistaken his name is Haytham Abdallah. This guy should have a show of his own.

The whole night was a great effort by DAI, as usual.

The operette will be performed again tonight, 10 May 2012, more info here

A tip if you’re planning to go; on your seat you will find a flyer with the highlights of the operette. If you read it you will understand what is happening better.


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