Voice For Success: Inspiring Kuwaitis Trying To Make A Difference

Voice for Success is a project by en.v; a Kuwait-based organization dedicated to promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the Arab world.

en.v has been developing short videos and articles illustrating initiatives that contribute to the social development of Kuwait. en.v then promotes this content on its online news portal as well as through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I must say they have very interesting programs handling issues that are rarely talked about in Kuwait.

  • bullying and discrimination in Kuwaiti schools.
  • shrimp trawling and over-fishing on Kuwait’s marine life.
  • I AM Challenge Kuwait – an initiative in which young people commit themselves to wearing the same T-Shirt for a whole year! I wouldn’t even last a week! 😛
  • Sout Al Kuwait educating the general public about their constitutional rights.

You can check out all of the videos and articles created to date for the Voice for Success program at www.voiceforsuccess.envearth.com

You can also apply for volunteering on the same link.

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