Launch of “Good Health” Magazine With Nancy Ajram

Yesterday Good Health magazine celebrated the launch of their first Arabic issue with Nancy Ajram – who’s on the cover- and the bloggers at Salwa Sabah Al-Ahmad hall.

Each of the 4 corners of the hall featured a different health issue; dieting, exercise and energy, with specialists willing to answer any questions we might have.

We roamed around for a while waiting for Nancy Ajram’s arrival.

This juice bar had the weirdest, most unusual juice cocktails! See all those veggies? they’re not for decoration. They were used to make juice!

The weirdest mix. This juice contains beetroot, zucchini, and spinach!

Yes of course I tried it. Tasted alright. If there was nothing else in my fridge I would definitely drink it 😛

I had a very interesting experience with an energy specialist. She offered to read my ora and I just had to say yes! She passes these crystals over the person’s body and apparently every part of the body is connected to something, for example, she felt that my left shoulder is tense, which meant I had a sleeping problem. Very interesting science indeed!

This is how she checked the Side Talk’s ora..

And then Nancy finally arrived. It was the first time for me to see her in person. She’s just as cute as she is in pictures except smaller than she seems. Such a sweetheart. Kept smiling the whole time.

With the cute little Lujain

Loved her dress. Looks like an Elie Saab.

And got myself an autograph 😀

I would like to thank Good Health magazine for the nice event. Would have loved to meet the organizers in person though.



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