Real-Gold Contact Lenses Are Only For The Rich Arabs

South Korean eye care company Innovision has launched contact lenses with traditional Arabic-inspired designs containing particles of real gold for the Middle east region only. Which I find kind of funny.

“We designed this product just for the Middle East market,” said Lena Lee, marketing manager at InnoVision.

Of course you designed it just for the Middle East market. Where else in the world do people have oil wells in their backyards?

What’s even more funny and also sad about this story is that buyers from several countries were actually interested..

“We met a lot of buyers from here [Dubai] and almost every country has shown interest from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Iran and Turkey. I was really amazed at how much interest people have shown in our gold lenses,” said Lee.

One question.. Why? Are people bored with all the traditional jewelry, all the earring and the necklaces and the bracelets and the rings.. That they feel the need to stick jewelry into their eyes now?

Via Arabian Business


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