Photos: Real Madrid In Kuwait – Updated

This was a while ago.

Arriving at the Regency hotel

UPDATE: More pics..

See more on Twitter




  1. mahada aljahl ina laaibi real madrid bachar kasaair albachar …… limada tobadirouna amwalakom f koli hada …… ina asomal laysa ladayhim ma yaakolon inkana ladaykom faaid mina alamwal watoridona tabdiirah … lahawla wala9owata ila bi allah


    • Kuwait donates millions to Somalia and other nations in need every year. It is responsible for some major development projects in several countries around the world. That said, being a wealthy nation doesn’t mean they have to solve all the world problems. And lastly, Real Madrid were brought to Kuwait by a private-sector company. Kuwait, as a country, had nothing to do with it. Please check for facts before commenting ignorantly.


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