Video: Amazingly-Brave Saudi Woman Defies Religious Police

Just.. wow

The video became viral and sparked a mini-revolution that led to the review of the man’s conduct by an official commission. The story also became international.



  1. GOD this makes me angry i hate those kind of people where they put there nose in someone else’s business! Wint shaku feeeha”?!!!! god if that guy was infornt of me i would have kicked his a@# ! ;s yerfa3 al thag6 ffs … !


    • The whole situation got on my nerves! But the woman really handled it well. Bless her heart.


  2. Wow, this is great, because all those people do is jist harass everybody. I’m glad she did that


  3. I would like to see 100 Kuwaiti girls take on those mutawas… they would not stand a chance! No offense, but we Kuwaiti girls are af9a3 min other girls in the region, they are also fiestier, and more opinionated and outspoken. I think a week with us and those mutawas would choose to resign. Imbicles brainless morons. ya3ni she can’t wear nailpolish because ohwa ma yigdar eyghith ilba9ar? That’s what I would have told him, ghith ilba9ar, ill repeat it again and if that doesn’t work I’ll call the cops complaining of a harassment.


    • Let them come to Kuwait and they wouldn’t last one day, not even a few hours. It’s just weird, and sad, how most women in Saudi would let these men treat them like that. It’s just a hard way to live.


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