Fish Pedicures Are Officially Dangerous

In the past year several beauty salons in Kuwait started the trend of fish pedicures. I was one of the people concerned about bacteria issues and how healthy this kind of treatment really is. But after my first try (link) I felt more comfortable with the idea and grown to like it. Specially that the water in the tank was changed every 10 minutes.

So the bad news for me -and you if you’re a fish pedicure lover- is these kind of treatments have been officially deemed dangerous 😦

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a report last week stating that fish pedicures — which use “doctor fish” or tiny, toothless carp to eat dead skin — could lead to infection due to bacteria associated with the fish species.

“Water is a fertile breeding ground for all manner of nasties. Couple that with bacteria living on fish scales or waste and the tiniest cut could make the risk of infection a reality.” lead researcher David Verner-Jeffreys said.

Fish pedicures are now banned in 14 US states.

Read the detailed article here




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