Dear Sultan Center..

After some grocery shopping at Sultan Center yesterday, I happened to find these flyers inside one of my grocery bags. they caught my attention since I knew that for the TSC Rewards program, you get 1 point for every 1KD you pay. So for a person to collect 500 points, they must have paid 500KD in total grocery shopping there.

For my family, we don’t do our grocery shopping exclusively at this place. We live close by two other mega markets and sometimes it’s only more convenient for us to buy things from there. Now for a person to spend 500KD in groceries exclusively at Sultan Center in under 2 years (because according to terms and conditions, points that are older than 2 years will expire), then they must be a real loyal customer to this place. And what does this loyal customer get as a reward after spending that much money? A 10KD gift voucher.

10KD for every 500KD. That is 2% from the total spending. And I would say the math here is a little off.

It’s not only this promotion, all their other promotions for the rewards program have similar percentages. 100 points for 3KD, 150 points for 5KD, and 600 points for 10KD.

There are also the Bonus Points and Instant Discount promotions for the rewards program. And I can honestly say that I never came across the items that are included in these promotions at any Sultan Center location. I’m sure these items are there somewhere. But I doubt there are too many of them given the fact that I never spotted any.

That said, I really think The Sultan Center needs some serious improvements on the customer’s rewards program so that it actually rewards the customer. How about raising that percentage to 10%? 10KD for every 100 points would be  way more reasonable.  Besides I’m sure many people would benefit from these vouchers if they could be used at Sultan Center itself, instead of some unnecessary partner.



  1. I couldnt agree more Sultan center really needs to make a better promotion or just cancel the horrible sultan card which in my opinion is so useless


  2. So true, but just in case you didnt know you can redeem your points to buy anything from Sultan but to have those points you will have to wait at least for 1 year to gather 100 points. 😛


    • Well that would make sense. Though I read everything regarding the rewards program on their website and didn’t find that anywhere.


  3. The award system is a rip off !
    We don’t shop anywhere else but sultan for groceries never happened to benefit anything from their so called system :/


  4. Man I cannot explain to you how much I LOVE IT when I find bright consumers like yourself.

    The rewards system is a joke at Sultan, they should be embarrassed.

    If you’ve ever lived in Britain, you must have tried the Boots pharmacy card. The points work on 4%, points NEVER expire. For every 1pound you spend, you get 4 pennies. SPENDABLE AT BOOTS.

    Wherever you can buy from Boots, you can top up your points. At every purchase receipt, they tell you how many points you have collected. You really feel like they respect the intelligence of the consumer!

    Next to Boots, the sultan center card is a waste of a card slot in your wallet. *$&# them!


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