Kidzania Kuwait Opening Very Soon

I have been excited about Kidzania coming to Kuwait ever since I heard the news. And now it’s just a few months away! Kidzania will be opening at the Avenues phase III in mid Sept. – early Oct of 2012.

This Mexican concept will be a real city with buildings, streets, and businesses, everything in kid-size. 90 kinds of professions will be available for kids to role-play so they can learn how to be a part of the real world and still have fun doing it. They will be able to experience what it is like to be doctors, bankers, firemen, sales people, news anchors, and even DJs.

So far Kidzania has partnered with Wataniya as sponsor of the telecommunications center, and with the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) as sponsor for the banking center in the city.

Kidzania Kuwait’s official websiteFacebookTwitter all seem to be in-the-making.

(The photos are of Kidzania Tokyo. See more here)



    • it was supposed to be in October 2012. But I heard it will be postponed till the beginning on 2013, not confirmed though.


  1. what a beautiful place is Kidzania the other day my brother went to Kidzania and he told me the story about it and as i am seeing this pictures i feel like going to Kidzania


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