Surprise Surprise For Kuwait’s Blackberry Users

RIM/Blackberry has gathered the bloggers for the second time in Kuwait in an event that was held yesterday at the J.W.Marriott. The event was great success, very well organized. And just like their first event, the attention to details is admirable.

The company’s Sandeep Saihgal -Managing Director- and Mohammed Al-Mefleh -Director of Product Management, Services and Platforms- shared updates on several stuff that I will talk about later.

But FIRST.. The surprise!

As a thank you from RIM to all Blackberry users in Kuwait, the company has launched the BB Bonus program with several partners that will be offering special 10%-20% discounts for Blackberry users only. The partners include Dunkin Donuts, Smash Burger, Pierre Cardin, Franklin Marshall, Go Sport, Baroue, N-Bar, The British Center, V Kool, Deer & Dear and Burger Fuel.

All the offers/discounts will be combined in one app that will give you the specific details and updates about every offer.

Other updates included the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 and Blackberry Curve 9220 (see full specifications). RIM also shared their vision for the future Blackberry 10 OS. one of the most anticipated Blackberry software (sample screenshots below).

In addition to the new NFC technology, coming soon. Watch the video to learn more.


Check out some additional photos of the event..

Thank you RIM, Bensirri, and a special thank you to Dareen Awwad :*


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