The First Underwater Mosque.. Is A Joke

When I first saw this piece of news (which contained no pictures) about some Saudi divers “building the first underwater mosque in history”, I wondered why such a big deal didn’t get any buzz. I mean it’s the first underwater mosque ever. The article even said the mosque is completed and ready for operation!

It got me all excited. So I went on and Googled pictures of it. And it was only then when I realized why there wasn’t any buzz accompanying this big accomplishment; because It’s a joke.

A bunch of pipes. That is our new pride.

It just gets to me how mosques are taken so lightly. How many architecturally-beautiful mosques do we have? You can barely count a few.

Since the beginning of religions, houses of worship were given special importance because they represent the people’s faith and everything they believed in. They represented how civilized a nation is. You can find churches and temples that are beyond belief. Some are even designed by world-famous architects. While the standard mosque is nothing but a rectangular block, add a plain dome and a minaret, and voila! The design gets approved.

Do we not have any architectural history to inspire us? Islamic architecture is one of the most perfect, graceful, and beautiful types of architecture to ever exist. Even non-Muslims realize it, yet we don’t. You can Google photos of Spain and easily see how a big portion of their new buildings still maintain the Islamic style, from the time of Al-Andalus until this day.

So what is the reason for this? Why are our modern-day mosques so stiff, instead of being the pieces of art they deserve to be?


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