Kate Middleton And Kim Kardashian Wore The Same Dress

Turns out Kate Middleton’s red dress from the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant yesterday had been worn before,to Kate’s bad luck: by Kim Kardashian. Who wore it to do some grocery shopping.

Some of the comments on the original article couldn’t have said what I was thinking better. And they said it hilariously too..

“The difference between class and trash could not be more prevalent in this dress!”

“Maybe it isn’t Kim’s clothes that make her look like a hooker…”

“I didn’t know you could ho up a McQueen, but KK succeeded. Are you sure this isn’t just their Sears version?”

Poor Kate. Who would have ever guessed that one day those two names would be in the same article.



    • It is the same dress by Alexander McQueen. Kate’s version had been modified with sleeves and a longer skirt.


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