And Hello Little Venus!

I have been obsessing about the transit of Venus since yesterday and it was well worth the wait. Got everything all set at dawn -binoculars and negative film- and patiently waited for sunrise.

A few minutes after the sun had risen my face was stuck to the window trying to catch a glimpse of Venus but it was too tiny to be seen that way. So I quickly got my binoculars and placed 2 layers of film in front of them and there it was! the cute little black dot!

I was also able to catch it with my camera’s maximum zoom in.

So darn beautiful. Seeing it filled me with such joy! I have never felt how big the sun actually is until today. And to think that our planet is almost the same size as Venus (Earth’s equatorial diameter is 12,756 km, Venus’ is 12,104 km). That’s how tiny we are compared to the sun!

I hope you were able to see it. This is an extremely rare event that only happens twice every century and today was our century’s second and last time. It will not happen again during your lifetime or mine. Next time will be in 2117.

If you haven’t seen it you still have a chance! Venus will be visible in front of the sun until 7:50 am (Kuwait time). So be quick.



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