Chef Boutique’s Cooking Contest

You may have already heard about Project X, a cooking contest for bloggers that will be held at Chef Boutique. Well this is only to inform you that I will be participating along with the Side Talk and it’s happening this Friday starting 4 pm!

I will probably have no idea what I’m doing. So wish me luck because I might need it 😛

If you would like to see live pictures from the event you can follow me on Instagram (@froyonation).

  • The contestants on June 8th will be:
    • FroyoNation & The Sidetalk
    • Moody & The 3rd sister from Triple Sisters
    • Swera & Jacqui
    • Fried Junk & 7abitain
    • Chapterq8
    • Triple sisters
  • And the contestants on June 9th will be:
    • 3ateeja & The Triple F
    • His & Hers
    • PinkGirl & Danderma
    • Our Family Nest
    • Elderwaza
    • Q8Rain & 7ajidude (dudette)

May the best cook win 😉



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