Updates On The Brave Saudi Mall Woman

I posted about this incredibly brave Saudi woman who defied a religious police member after asking her to leave the mall because she had nail polish on.

The chief of Saudi Arabia’s religious police Sheikh Abdullatif Al Sheikh has finally made a statement about the incident, strongly criticizing the man’s act.

“The world is manufacturing aeroplanes and we are still telling a woman ‘leave the mall because you’ve got nail polish on your fingers’,”

“I was very disappointed by what I have seen. The matter has been exaggerated and negatively exploited,” Al Sheikh added. “The way the member of the commission behaved was not right, even if the girl had gone too far. He should have offered her advice and left instead of arguing with her and escalating.”

Talk about G-L-O-R-Y!




1 Comment

  1. Fabricated cowardly response.
    Said only because they know the world is watching and that the issue in itself is of utter ridicule.

    The workers did not go beyond their duties. Their duties, as carried out, were as per clear instructions. But when your instructions are barbaric and in the spotlight, you, like a mouse, retreat.


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