Project X: The Bloggers Cooking Contest @Chef_Boutique

What a day it was at Chef Boutique! I must say that I did not expect any of what happened yesterday. I had no idea that Project X was this huge! The effort put into this event is beyond describable.

First of all, the pantry. It had every single ingredient you can think of. There was not one thing that we needed and couldn’t find.

When the contest started each team was assigned a station. There were six total teams of 2. I was partnered up with the Side Talk.

The judges (right to left); Chef Mongkon from Chef Boutique, Ziad Al Obaid, Jumana Al Othman, Basil Al Salem, and Fahad Al-Yehya aka the Diet Ninja.

They all did a great job. Their notes on our dishes were on-spot. Gave everyone some useful tips as well. And they were pretty serious! Getting everyone nervous and stuff πŸ˜›

Round 1 started and we were allowed to see the mystery ingredient; mangos! The mystery ingredient must be used in whatever dish we are preparing.

Our original plan was to make seasoned chicken with blue cheese sauce and vegetable saute. And to use the mangos we decided to blend it into the sauce. didn’t turn out bad at all.

And our first dish was complete.

Goes directly into the heater to keep it from getting cold.


After everyone was done it was time for the scoring. The judges tasted everyone’s dish and gave points for taste, presentation, originality, teamwork, and tidiness.

Some dishes prepared by the other contestants, Moody & triple sisters (top), Swera & Jacqui (middle), 7abitain & Fried Junk (bottom).

A short dinner break sponsored by Lofat.

And starting round 2 with a new mystery ingredient: Blue cheese!

We had fish in mind, and Basma from 13 cups gave us a great idea to wrap the fish with banana leaf and steam it.

The smell was YUM!

As for the blue cheese, we added it to the sauce, mixed with tomato paste, lemon zest, garlic and several spices. We thought we had everything under control but then we got another surprise, the Judges’ Joker. Another surprise ingredient that we had to use in the dish. And it was honey! So we also added it to the sauce πŸ˜›

And our second dish was ready to be served!


After another round of scoring. The judges took some time to decide on the winners. Only 3 teams would qualify for the finale which will take place next Saturday at the same place. And the winners are..

The Side Talk and me, Moody and triple sisters!

Congrats ladies. Tough luck for the others. The most important thing is the fun we had. Competing against everyone was challenging enough for me.

And some goodies to take home.

Seriously this was such a huge effort. The organization is perfect. And everyone was very professional.

Thank you Chef Boutique’s Olga and Victor, Basma, Ahmed Al-Hendi, all the judges, and the photography crew.

Can’t wait till Saturday! πŸ™‚



  1. I wish I knew about it! I would have loved to join in on this! How fantastic!


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