Review: Shawarma Shuwaikh

A review from Pink Girl‘s car 😛 She, The Side Talk, and I went for a quick visit to Shawarma Shuwaikh. It’s located in the Shuwaikh residential area, at the co-op.

First expression of the place.. It was much smaller than other reviews made it seem to be. There are only 2 chairs in the corner. But even though the place is tiny the effort spent on the interiors was great. And it was packed mashallah!

The menu. We had four type of sandwiches.

My favorite, “Bo Khalil”, I liked this type of bread the most. Very soft and yummy.

“Om Al-Rumman”. It was good. But the taste of pomegranate wasn’t very obvious. I would prefer adding some pomegranate molasses to it.

“Bint Al-Shuwaikh” was also good.

And finally “Shawarma 1961” with saj, the bearable kind of spicy, though there was one bite that is spicier than the rest of the sandwich. Had to drink a full bottle of water afterwards 😛 But the sandwich is great.

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  1. Tried it last night and I was surprised by how busy this small take away in a very quiet area was – encouraging, but ultimately the consequence of some very successful online / social media publicity. We tried Bo Khalil, Bint Al-Shuwaikh, Shawarma Gass and Al-Salhiya. Bo Khalil was by far the best, and the beef options (SG and Salhiya) were a bit disappointing. It’s neither new nor radically different from the usual Shawarma, but certainly a good change.


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