Social Media Day With Zain

I’m sure you already read about this because it’s everywhere! And you know why? Because it was such a huge event! Zain celebrated the World Social Media day with dozens of Kuwaiti bloggers. The place was packed and every single one of the event organizers did some great effort, whether it was Zain or the participating small businesses.

The evening was hosted by my favorite local host, Omar Al-Othman.

Several people who are well experienced in social media gave short speeches. Including Fatima Al-Othman owner of F2O Designs. She brought up the famous copyright violation incident she faced a while ago (link) and I was happy to learn that she is actually suing the guy!

This is a lesson for business owners. If you have a business, trademark it!

Mohammad Al-Muhaini from Zain also had a brief talk about how the event idea popped up and directly put into action.

Concluding with hilarious trio “Shino ya3ni?”; Bashar Al-Jazzaf, Mohamad Aqua, and Ahmad Al-Shemmari. These guys are FUNNY!

It was the first time for me to try Rice Pudding Factory. Tried the chocolate pudding with flake and Oreo.. YUM. They’re located in Nuzha. Contact them on 97823450.

One of the best frozen yogurt places in Kuwait, Pick Yo 22913333.

And social media has no significance without Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, doesn’t it? 

Thank you Zain! 🙂



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