When + Where To Watch The Kuwaiti Athletes At Olympics 2012 – UPDATED

I already mentioned in my previous post the dates on which each Kuwaiti athlete will be competing at the London Olympics. Thought it would be easier for you if I put them into a schedule, along with the exact game times.

BUT, Before we get to that, you also should not miss watching the Kuwaiti Athletes at the opening ceremony on 27 Jul 2012 at 11:00 pm Kuwait time. They will carry Kuwait’s flag and sing the national anthem as they walk into the stadium for the first time. You can learn what exactly will happen at the opening ceremony here.


1. AbuDhabi sports 1/AbuDhabi sports 2

2. BBC Arabic

3. Dubai sports TV channels (collection of 6 channels) will be broadcasting the Olympic games live and for free.

  • Satellite: Arabsat Badr โ€“ 4
  • Frequency: 12130 MHz
  • Polar: Vertical
  • FEC: ยพ
  • 27.5 Mb / s

4. Orbit/Showtime network will also be broadcasting the games live in HD on the following paid channels:

  • OSN Sports 1 HD
  • OSN Sports 2 HD (New)
  • OSN Sports 3
  • OSN Sports 4
  • OSN Sports Extra
  • OSN Olympics 1 HD (New)
  • OSN Olympics 2 HD (New)
  • OSN Olympics News 24 HD (New)


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