Review: Sunflower Beauty Center

Before I leave on vacation I visited Sunflower Beauty Center during a blogger’s event held by owner Athba Alserri. The place specializes in nail and hair treatments and I got to try the organic BCL treatment.

The interiors were very lively with a quiet atmosphere, below is the hair treatment room.

Different types of treatments

Their hygiene is like no other beauty center I have been to, they use brand new tool for every customer. 


The organic BCL treatment

Scrub first.

Next a mask was applied and wrapped in a warm towel.

And finally some moisturizer.

With a bonus massage.

The treatment was very refreshing and zesty. You can really feel your skin breathing afterwards.

Then come the mani/pedi and polish.

Final result!

Treats generously kept on coming throughout my whole visit. Those mini sandwiches by Opera were just delicious!

Softest cookies I tried so far, by Saroosha.

And the owner wouldn’t let us leave empty handed. Complimentary voucher and hand cream, with some gorgeous yellow flowers.

Here’s their nail services menu. Treatments were not included here so you’re going to have to contact them for details.

Thank you Athba for the great hospitality 🙂

Sunflower is located in Jabriya, Block 1A, street 1, building 86, floor 2

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