Kuwaiti Athletes At The Olympics: Results

Unfortunately non of the Kuwaiti athletes brought home any medals so far. But there are still 4 chances until 7 Aug so let’s stay optimistic.

The most who I’m personally counting on would be Fehaid Al-Deehani. He has been doing really well so far. Ranking 4th in Shooting/Men’s Double Trap, only one rank away from a bronze. He still competes today at day 2 of the qualifications for Shooting/Men’s Trap scoring 74 so far, with the highest score being 75 and belonging to an Australian athlete. I hope he keeps up the great work until the finals!

UPDATE: Fehaid has ranked 2nd in the qualifications and made it to the finals won Bronze!

It’s also worthy of mentioning that Qatar’s Nasser Al-Attiya won bronze in Shooting/Men’s Skeet. Congrats!

The empty cells are obviously for upcoming games, will fill them up once the results are out. You can check on the athletes yourself here


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