Review: Yoforia Frozen Yugort @Yoforiakw

I visited Yoforia Frozen Yogurt weeks ago but never got the chance to review it until now, so here you go.

Yoforia has a self service concept. You get to fill up your own cup with the froyo and toppings of your choice and the price is calculated according to weight (not your weight, the cup’s 😛 ). If you’re too lazy to serve yourself like I am sometimes then a staff member is always there to help.

They have only two sizes, small and large.

Waffle cups are available as well.

As for the flavors. They have a total of 12, all featured in the image above. I chose to try out the saffron, vimto, pistachio, and Fererro Rocher. My favorite? Loved the saffron the most. I have a thing for unusual tastes. Highly recommended.

For toppings, I don’t think there is anything that they don’t have. Whether fruits, chocolates, or corn flakes. Everything is there.

And my choice fell on the leechee the minute I saw it. LOVED it! It goes so well with froyo. Now I have to deal with a new craving every now and then hehe.

And by the way, you can fill your cup with as many flavors of froyo as you would like. Even all 12 of them if you felt like it. Same goes for toppings as well. As I said the price comes down to weight after all.

They have a wide selection of sauce as well. Though I don’t have my froyo with any. But I’m sure it has its lovers.

Yoforia has 2 branches, one in Al-Hamra luxury center (opens 6pm-2am), the other in Mishref food circle (6pm-3am).

Follow them on Twitter @Yoforiakw and Facebook

Thank you Abrar for your kind invitation.


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