Zafaf Magazine: Ramadan Gift

At the beginning of Ramadan I received this very yummy gift from Zafaf Magazine along with their latest issue. The gift is a chocolate box by Al-Ostoura. I didn’t know they made chocolates, delicious ones too.

As for July’s issue of Zafaf. It features a bridal section with the latest trends for dresses, jewellery, make-up, flower bouquets, and wedding set-ups.

Another section featuring a traditional Indian wedding. Always loved how lively they are with all the colors and flowers.

And a section for post-wedding life. My answer to that question is yes šŸ˜›

And finally for pregnancy.

And again, my favorite part of the magazine, the green pages. A listing for service providers that you will need for your wedding. It really makes lives easier.

You can read Zafaf magazine’s latest issue (and all the previous ones too) online. Clickity click

Zafaf is also on Twitter and Facebook. Follow/like them to stay updated.

Thank you for the sweet gift :*


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