Public Dog Poison Finally Comes To An End

Remember this story that stirred the local internet community earlier this year? In short, the government had been spreading poisoned meat in public areas to get rid of stray dogs.

According to Kuwait Times, this inhumane method is finally coming to an end. The people involved will now work with the UK-based WSPCA and local animal non-profits organizations to learn alternative animal control methods.

So basically this was being done because the people involved didn’t know any other way. So when the public had said these people have no idea what they’re doing, they really did not have any idea what they’re doing. And taking 5-6 months to only decide to start learning is just bad. I still don’t understand how using this method in an Islamic country happened in the first place. We learn about our religion’s kindness to animals in primary school for god sakes.

I’m only glad nothing tragic happened. Better late than never I guess?


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