Zain’s Gergean Event

Zain gave kids a share of their fun in Ramadan this year, holding a gergean event in Al-Maha ballroom at the Regency.

Sorry about the bad photo quality. Forgot my camera that day *cough*..

The opening was by traditional Kuwaiti dancers, junior dancers. The tiniest kid on the right busted some unbelievable moves. Cuteness!

The evening was hosted by Sali Al-Qadi. Tough mission she had handling all the children but she did great. I would’ve run home pulling my hairs out.. Not really good with children πŸ˜›

Many funny games were held and gifts were given to the little ones. We even had some good laughs ourselves.

Outside the ballroom there were several stations for different activities; face painting, hair braiding, beads bar and other fun stuff.

And the minute I spotted the cotton candy station I had to get myself one. I’ve been craving freshly made cotton candy for the past 3 weeks. Came just in time ❀

And here it is! Please ignore the candy wraps on the table behind. There was a basket full of goodies which was empty by the end of the evening. Not our fault.. Zain put them there πŸ˜›

As usual Zain’s efforts are always unique. Everyone had a blast. Thanks for the invitation πŸ™‚


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