Hands-on: Diet Care’s New Cook book For Healthy Food

Diet Care released an awesome new cook book that specializes in healthy eating. They were nice enough to send over a copy with the cutest customized bookmark!

The book comes half-Arabic half-English. All the content is available in both languages in every cook book. But I’m only featuring the English part here.

Now for the most important question..

Where can you find the cook book? It’s available in all Diet Care boutiques. Selling for 5 KD.

The cook book is so rich with content. The main part are the recipes. Other than that it has some pages of healthy cooking tips. And other few pages listing nutrients (vitamins, phosphorous, omega 3, etc..) and their benefits.

The dishes look YUM! And what’s even better is that each recipe comes with the nutritional facts (how much energy, proteins, carbohydrates, etc..)

It sure does pamper my heart..Sigh..

Now this is worth a try. Though I’m not a tea lover but ginger apple tea? Delicious indeed.

Much thanks to Diet Care 😉

Follow them on Facebook or contact them on 1806 050.


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