Coverage: “Misbah Zain” Eid Play

Zain’s eid play “Misbah Zain” premiered yesterday for bloggers at the ice skating rink and I really cannot tell you how awesome it is! The acting, the decor, the lighting, everything was perfect.

Although before watching the play I decided to have low expectations and not to compare it with last year’s “Zain to a wonderful world” so that if it wasn’t as good, I’d still enjoy it anyway. But Zain has truly outdone themselves, and set some very high standards for other companies as well.

The stroy is Aladdin’s and I loved how they added a moral to it; We can solve any problem by using our brains. Starring Shouji, Abdullah Bahman, Fatima Al-Safi, Hamad Ashkanani, and Talal Basem. Every single member of the cast was so into their role. And not only the actors showed extreme professionalism, even the backstage staff who handle the decor and change the whole look of the stage in a matter of seconds.

In short, it’s a huge production. You.Should.Not.Miss it.

It’s starting on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr. Tickets available at the ice skating rink. For more info. call 90007773 or 90007774.

Thank you Zain 😉


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