Review: ISDN Phone Line From Mada

I haven’t fully understood what Mada’s ISDN office line was until I tried it myself, so I’m going to try to simplify as much as possible..

This ISDN office line is a service provided by Mada. It’s basically a wireless land-line. The land-line is provided by a router and it only needs electricity to work. You plug the router to power, then connect it to your phone via a cable and you will have a working land-line that enables you to make/receive calls with zero cost + wifi from the same router.

So the people at Mada were nice enough to send over a customized router & phone for me to try and I must say it was very convenient. Ever since my family moved to our new place 5 years ago, landlines are still yet to be available for our building. I don’t remember what the exact problem was but it had something to do with over capacity.

When you subscribe to the ISDN office line service you will receive 2 gadgets; the router, and the phone.

Inside the box: The router, power cable, and an internet cable (you won’t need that last one).

To get the ISDN line to work on your new phone, simply plug them together (Grey cable comes with the phone).

Make sure to plug the phone cable into the “phone 1” socket on the router.

Once that is done, connect both the router and the phone to electricity.

Et voila! Once you see that little blue light it means your phone line is working. Orange light to indicate wifi too.

In my case the blue light didn’t appear from the start, I called Mada and they told me it needed 24 hours to be activated. But it still didn’t the next day so I called again and they activated it successfully. Been working perfectly ever since.

In all honesty I loved the whole concept. A land-line and wifi from the same router, needing only electricity. Easy to install too. And the best part is that you can take the router anywhere as long as electricity will be available. And wherever you take it, you will always have the same phone number. And it actually works with perfect phone coverage and fast internet. Really glad we have such a service in Kuwait!

Oh and in case you’re curious, the phone number starts with 223xxxxx.

Note that this service depends on your home address. Mada’s networks don’t cover all areas in Kuwait. So they will check whether it would work for you or not before you subscribe.

Many thanks to Mada 😉

Contact them on 1822 888









  1. Is it same as landline ?

    I mean no cost calling to other person mobile, landline or incoming charges ?

    I do not have landline at home, would consider this asap.


    • You can say it’s more like a pre-paid landline. You pay to subscribe to the service, after that the phone calls are free. Don’t forget to triple check with Mada whether your area has good network coverage or not 😉


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