When “Awareness” Is Only An Excuse

I had a trip to The One in Marina mall yesterday and as I was paying for my stuff this interesting conversation took place..

  • Cashier: Would you like to use our Eco-friendly plastic bags? (Same bag as in the image)
  • Me: Sure.
  • Cashier: That will be an extra 100 fils.
  • Me: You are actually asking me to pay for the bag you will put my purchases in?
  • Cashier: It’s only 100 fils ma’am.
  • Me: No thanks. I will use a normal bag.
  • Cashier: We only have the Eco-friendly bags ma’am.
  • Me: You don’t have any bags except the ones you’re charging customers for?
  • Cashier: No ma’am.
  • Me: So what if I don’t want to pay extra for your bags? Am I supposed to carry the stuff I just bought in my arms and walk out?
  • Cashier: You can put them here (points to a shopping bag that I was carrying from another store)
  • Me: I don’t want to put them there!
  • Cashier: We do have paper bags. (Paper bags become magically available all of a sudden!)
  • Me: Then use it!

She then gets a paper bag right from under the counter in front of her and proceeds to put my stuff in it.

I only have one comment: Shame on you The One. You’re a furniture/home accessories store, people walk out of your store having paid a good amount of money already, and you still charge them for the bag?! If you care so much about the environment that you feel your customers should be forced to contribute, then at least pay for it yourselves.

Photo is from their Facebook page.


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