Zafaf Magazine and Rasha Al-Hejailan Collaboration

Zafaf Magazine, in collaboration with Rasha Al-Hejailan, author of The Women In My Life cookbook, have a new offer for you:

“Subscribe now for 1 year in Zafaf Social Wedding Magazine and get a copy of “The Women in My Life” book as a gift.”

I find the story behind the book very heart-warming. Rasha Al-Hejailan is a Saudi woman who spent her life moving around due to her father’s job, and ended up married with two kids and living in Kuwait. Her book was born when she decided to contact all the women in her life who she’s met in the different countries and lost contact with, and ask them to donate their ‘signature’ recipe that she would include in a collaborative cookbook. The first half of the book are the author’s recipes and what they mean to her, while the second half of the book are recipes from the women in her life.

What makes this cook book unique is the cosiness you feel in every page. It’s obvious the author took this as a personal project rather than a business one.

Below are sample recipes from the book.

I’ve also went through the pages of Zafaf Magazine before, here and here, it’s simply a must for any bride-to-be.

Zafaf is on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow/like them to stay updated.


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