Kuwait 3rd Most Spammed GCC Country

Apparently the folks at Kaspersky Lab have recently made a study and found that in the 3rd quarter of 2012, The most GCC spammed countries were Saudi Arabia (0.96% of global spam), Emirates (0.19% of global spam), and then Kuwait (no percentage listed). The whole GCC region accounted for 1.29% of global spam. Via Arabian Business

It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, spam emails can be very entertaining. And these people seem to work really hard to make these emails very believable! I mean a random South African citizen picking ME to inherit their 1,000,000 pounds and all I have to do is reply with my personal info.? Or a Syrian widow whose husband’s last death wish was to transfer all their money to me? Those are some experts man!



  1. LOL, I recently blogged about it, There is a reason they spam the gulf region because unbelievably it works, A Kuwaiti “lawyer” got duped for US$ 1Million by Nigerian scamsters. (google it)


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