Coverage: Kuwait’s 3rd Redbull Flugtag 2012

Redbull comes back with another HUGE project. The 3rd Redbull flugtag hit Marina Crescent yesterday and the crowds were unbelievable! We enjoyed our time even though the weather was humid but the cool breeze and the unlimited supply of frozen yogurt, icy lemon juice, and Redbulls made it all bearable.

The presenters? Bashar Al-Shatti and Raya.

Aside from how far a team’s plane flies, they would also get points for creatively presenting themselves before the jump. A belly-dancing Batman was my favorite!


And after..

Oh and did you think there weren’t any Gangnam style dances involved? You think so? Huh? Because there were at least 5 of them.. 5! Gangnam style is officially ruined! And to think that I loved it so much *sigh*..

Love this guy’s spirit.

I didn’t stay til last so I’m not really sure who won, but I think ACK’s Kangaroo got 1st. Correct me if I’m mistaken. According to Bananaq8, the Dragon fly team won 1st place after flying a distance of 16 meters.

Special thanks to Omar and the Redbull wings team.



  1. Nice coverage and glad you enjoyed the event. Unfortunately the weather was bad, the location is even worse, and we were delayed due to some difficulties (mentioned in my blog) otherwise you would have had enjoyed it even better.

    Kind regards,
    Dragonfly Team.


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