Arirang Korean Restaurant

Arirang is a relatively new Korean restaurant in Kuwait City. I’ve always heard Korean food is very unusual compared to ours and it’s very true. They have a whole different bunch of tastes, takes time to get used to.

The place is very cozy. There used to be a traditional Kuwaiti restaurant in its place and they’re still in the process of transforming the decor.

Aside from normal table and chair sets, they had 2 korean style dining sets where you sit on a cushion on the floor. I ended up sitting there.

You can choose to close the curtains if you prefer privacy.

Leaving you with the food gallery..


So since it’s my first time to try Korean food I had my mind set to try out the weirdest thing on their menu. Ended up ordering this eel maki. It turned out to taste like fish.. Obviously..

California rolls

Spicy chicken.

Squid, shrimp, and rice cake.

Shrimp tempura

These greens come with steamed rice. You wrap the rice with any of them and eat them together.

Sprout salad. I love sprouts.

And the dessert: Ice cream with corn flakes and sweet beans.

And here’s some pages from the menu to give you an idea about their prices.



Arirang is located in Swiss Belhotel Plaza, Fahad Al-Salem street, Kuwait City.

Thank you Maria Katrina.


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