The 50th Constitution Day Celebrations: Everything You Need To Know

General details:

  • Celebrations will start at 3 pm until 10 pm.
  • Fireworks will start at 7 pm. The rest of the show schedule wasn’t released.
  • There will be no seats or stage at the event, plan where you’re going to sit or maybe bring your own fold-able chairs.
  • The celebration area is divided into 9 zones (see photo below).


What we will be watching:

  • Show includes fireworkslit Kites, Flying falcons, Floating Creatures, airplane Show, heliosphere acrobats… and much more.
  • Show will focus on 5 Canvases (pride – history – prosperity- democracy – constitution).
  • There will be two Tunnels of Pride and History (photo below), one located at the Kuwait Towers, the other at the Green Island. Don’t forget to check them out.



Locations for watching the event:

  • On land: All along gulf road from Kuwait towers to Green island. There will be installations of visual and audio equipment all along that area.
  • From sea: Leave a distance of at least 100m away from locations of coast guards. See their locations on the map below.



Roads and transportation:

  • Starting 6 am on Saturday, Gulf road will be closed from the intersection of 3rd ring road with Gulf road until the intersection of Soor street with Gulf road. See the map below (red for closed roads, green for open roads)

  • In case you’re planning to walk to the celebration area, parking areas for your car are shown in the map below (yellow).
  • If you don’t want to walk, there will be buses that will take you to the celebration areas starting 11 am. The stations for these buses are:

-Parking of Yacht club

-Parking of McDonald’s

-Parking of Layali Al-Helmeya restaurant

-Parking of Naif chicken restaurant

-Parking of Shaab park

-Parking of the Kuwait football association

-Parking of Da’eya Co-op

-Parking of Dasma Co-op

-Parking of Souq Sharq

-Parking of the fish market

-Parking of Sharq co-op

-Transportation for the special needs, elderly, and international visitors will be at the land areas near Dasman palace.


Guinness Records to be achieved:

  1. Number of fireworks.
  2. Longest line of fireworks.
  3. Number of kites with pyro in the sky.
  4. Number of pontoons in the water. Source


Official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the event @yomaldostoor

Official organizers:

And here’s a video that I found for testing the lights in the sea..


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