Hands-On: The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

The Body Shop has recently launched their new all-in-one BB Cream in Kuwait. Just in time for me to try it out since I was looking for a product that isn’t a foundation but would still provide some coverage for my face.

The All-in-one BB cream does just that. It provides very light coverage, more like a tinted moisturizer. Perfect for me since I like my face to look natural even with full make-up on. But if you need more coverage then you might need a heavier product.

The all-in-one part is that it not only provides coverage, but also contains marula oil, humectants and vitamin E which work to hydrate the skin. I could feel my skin smoother even after washing my face. The only feature the BB cream is missing in my opinion is an SPF.

What’s particularly interesting about this product is its ability to adapt its color to your skin tone. It comes in only 3 shades: light (1), medium (2), and dark (3). My review features the medium tone.

The BB cream is originally a pearly white color and has pigment filled capsules (you can clearly see the little brown dots in the photo below). It looks like a scrub, but is actually very fine and applies smoothly. Once you rub the cream onto your skin the color pigments burst and transform the white cream to a color that adapts to your skin tone.

I wasn’t sure how the color would turn out to be but the result was great. Don’t worry if it turns orange at first, keep spreading it on your skin and the color will be alright.

Try to see the difference: Right hand has the All-in-one BB cream, left doesnt. It’s not very clear in the photo but in reality it is.

In terms of lasting, the All-in-one BB Cream stayed put on my face since applying it in the afternoon until it was my bed time. And I LOVED how it didn’t clog into fine lines.

The final verdict? The All-in-one BB cream definitely passes. Would continue using it because it simply suits what I need; light coverage and hydration. Willing to try it with face powder too.

The Body Shop’s All-in-one BB Cream is available at all their stores in Kuwait for 6KD.

Special thanks to Onilda for being nice enough to provide a sample =)



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