Preview: Kuwait’s Interactive Map At The Avenues

The Avenues has recently installed a huge interactive map of Kuwait at phase II. The map is dedicated to the national event Kuwait more than home and it enables visitors to learn about Kuwait’s history using their smartphones.

You need to download and open an app called Treek (iPhoneAndroid). Then just walk around the map and point your phone at the little orange bulbs next to interesting landmarks and you will watch the history of that specific area/landmark in a short video right on your phone.

I tried using the app and I think it worked after several attempts. Though I’m not sure whether it worked or I clicked something by mistake. Was carrying many things and my hands weren’t steady.

You really need to check it out the next time you’re there. It’s located right in front Adolfo Dominguez.  The map has some awesome details and resolution. Great effort by the Avenues.



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