Starbucks Reserve @ The Grand Avenue

Last night the cool people behind Starbucks gave me a tour inside the new Starbucks Reserve store at the Grand Avenue. You would notice this particular Starbucks store is different than others only if you look at it from the outside; A much cozier, laid back design. Walk in and you would feel the authentic vintage vibe the place carries.

Reserve is the name of a rare and exquisite selection of coffees that are served only at a few selected Starbucks Reserve stores in the world, and Kuwait’s Reserve store is the one and only in all of the Middle East.

2 types of coffee from the Reserve selection are served in Kuwait; Jamaica Blue Mountain, and 100% Oahu Coffee.

Aside from the rare coffees, the Starbucks Reserve store uniquely has the Clover coffee machine. A $11,000 coffee machine that produces heavenly coffee. And it’s the machine that is used to brew the Reserve coffees. Our coffee lover, Danderma, has recently spoke about it in full detail here.

Just look at that foam and tell me it’s not heavenly!

This huge wall painting was done piece-by-piece by an American artist who studied Kuwait’s history and traditions to incorporate them in her art work.

The photos aren’t doing it justice. You need to be there and see the details. Like that hoopoe bird below. It’s the cutest thing.

Moving upstairs. Where I was able to take more photos. It wasn’t as crowded as the floor below.

See that plant they gave away? That’s a coffee plant! How gorgeous is it? I’m so in love. I hope I will be able to take good care of it. Supposed to see coffee cherries in 8 months if I do. Then I will open my own coffee shop and take all their customers. Tihihi..

Everyone at Starbucks: Thank you 🙂



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