The Enormous Site Of Subah Al-Salem University City!

Check out how huge the site of Subah Al-Salem University City is! Got this Satellite view from Google Earth and outlined the site in red. The satellite image dates back to 3 July 2011 so I don’t really know the progress this project reached so far. But the size of the site is unbelievable. It has an approximately 8.5 Km diameter. You can compare between the size of it and that of Jaber Stadium (Center of the above image).


I also found the full galleries for 4 of the colleges planned for the Subah Al-Salem University City, plus the stadium, on the Gulf Consult website. The architectural consultants in charge of the projects. Check out the links below:


College of Science (view full Gallery here)

College of Engineering & Petroleum (view full gallery here)

College of Business (view full gallery here)

College of Women (view full gallery here)

Athletic Facilities (view full gallery here)


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