“I Am Jester” Gaming Night

Iamjester.com is a cool new local project and the brainchild of a guy who got sick and tired of people spending their whole time staring into the little screens of their mobile phones, iPads, and laptops. I personally know several of these and I’m sure you do too. Although being a popular habit doesn’t make it any less rude in my opinion. But I’m glad someone has decided to do something about it and his solution? Board games!

They sell all sorts of board games, even ones that are not usually available in Kuwait. And they deliver within 2 hours! Just as convenient as it can get.

The owner, Mshari, sent over an invite to their gaming night last week. I really wanted to be there but unfortunately couldn’t make it. My friend was there though. She snapped a few photos here and there. Looked like fun!

Also felt that I MUST show you their invite. It was so simple yet so creative. Amazing how much excitement a red cross-wrapped ribbon and a couple of little ringing bells can get you.

What’s inside the box? This!..

Remember this paper game we used to play back in the days? We used it to decide all sorts of stuff. From how old we will be when we get married to what we will name our kids 😛

Unfolding the paper and the event details were inside. Adorable!

I really wish them the best of luck. The latest addition to the list of my favorite local projects.




  1. I was there, really had fun. Personally I play boardgames every weekend. Now all dewanyaz I go to is full of them 😛


    • I’m already planning a game night for my friends. Can’t remember the last time I played!


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