Review: Chi Nail Bar

I made this review a while ago and finally got the chance to post it. Chi is a newly opened nail bar at Olympia mall. The place is small and cozy but they have lots and lots of products and even more nail polishes. I love having many colors to choose from and I honestly think there is no color or shade that they don’t have.

Nail art station

And the mani/pedi area.

My favorite items were these glass nail files. Very unusual and sleek. They come in different designs, loved the horoscope signs. Each is for 9KD.

My horoscope, Virgo..

Massage chairs add to the soothing experience.

Here’s my treatment: Pomegranate detox.

Using new tools for every customer is always a plus.

And the coolest treats to enjoy while you’re having your treatment.

Final result: Mani/pedi were great. Polish application could be better though.

Already mentioned that Chi nail bar is located in Olympia mall – Salmiya.

Chi Nail Bar on Facebook


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