Kuwait May Be Banned From The Olympics.. Again

Not even 6 months have passed since the Olympic ban on Kuwait from 2010 was lifted. And here it happens again. And for the same exact reason.

Why? Because the International Olympic Committee doesn’t like the fact that government officials in Kuwait can interfere in the elections of sporting organizations. And can you blame them really?

The previous ban was lifted after Kuwait offered guarantees to put an end to governmental interference in the Olympic Movement in the country. The deadline was set to be on 22 Nov 2012. But the commitments have not been fulfilled.

A proposal to re-apply the suspension of the Kuwait Olympic Committee will be presented next month to the International Olympic Committee in a meeting that will decide the fate of the Kuwaiti Athletes in the future Olympics, including the coming Rio Olympics 2016.

If the proposal was applied the Kuwaiti athletes will be barred from Olympic funding and Kuwaiti official will be banned from attending the Olympic events and meetings. Read more here.



  1. I’d really rather they didn’t get banned. Whilst some may disagree with what Kuwait is doing politically/socially, I disagree with the mixing of politics and sport and the way sport is now hyper-political.


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