Kim Kardashian At The Avenues: The Chaos Explained

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (2) copy

I seriously do not know where to start. The opening of Millions of Milkshakes was a total disaster! I was FURIOUS walking out of there. Both companies and people in Kuwait can’t handle such events, plain and simple. Here’s the full story..

Bloggers and media were invited to the opening event and were told to gather at a certain meeting point in the Avenues at 2:30 pm sharp. Besides media, there were the people who paid for the “meet and greet” tickets, which cost 150 KD each. Most of these people were young teenagers: 14 year old brats with attitudes that don’t suit their tiny little bodies. Tens of bodyguards were also present.

Miss Kim finally arrived at 5:30, that is 3 hours of us waiting, doing nothing. “Traffic” is supposedly the reason behind her delay. That’s what you get when you choose the hotel for the cash they offered regardless of their crappy location, Kim.

Now what went wrong is that when Kim arrived, ALL of the bodyguards went to guard her. Leaving the M.O.M. store open and unguarded. By the time Kim and the bodyguards arrived to the store, half the people had pushed and shoved their way in already. I stayed outside. I may have gone to the event to cover it for my blog yes, but fighting my way in to see whatever she is? No way on earth.

The people inside were mostly girls. So the bodyguards couldn’t force them out. Instead, they closed the doors and wouldn’t let us (the remaining people outside) into the store until they get those people out. And nobody could get them out. And nobody had any idea what to do. And we were kept waiting outside until somebody figures it out. Because our time doesn’t matter. We weren’t even given straight answers whenever we asked the bodyguards when they will be getting the people out. They would always say “right now” and they kept saying that for the next 2 hours. Just let us in or let us leave for god’s sake.

Waiting lines were randomly formed and broken-up several times by the organizers. I was even with Jacqui at the very first spot in a line before the organizers decided to change the door they want us to wait at and break up the line. Which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. We called the people who invited us and complained. And they let us in immediately.

So we were finally inside, waiting in yet another line to take her picture. Only then, her very rude publicist (the lady with curly hair) decides that no more pictures are to be taken. Kim says goodbye. Kim leaves. With us still standing in line. And that was it. That was the end of the event.

Aside from the Kim mania, we weren’t even able to try the milkshakes. Even after Kim left, the staff weren’t serving any. I even asked for a bottle of water and no one would get me a freaking bottle of water.

Now because of all what I wrote above, I will not post any pictures of the Millions of Milkshakes store. The pictures I included are to merely show the event and the crowds in general. You can’t have people insulted at your event and expect good publicity now can you?

To make one thing clear: Impact Advertising, the people who invited us, were very apologetic and I know they were doing their best to accommodate us throughout the whole event. But what happened was out of their hands. Lisa Conrad in specific.. Thank you for being such a sweetheart, you did you job perfectly.

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (9) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (7) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (10) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (11) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (12) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (13) copy
Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (16) copy

Kim Kardashian in Kuwait (17) copy


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