Pretty Little Things – Part 2

Pretty Little Things is still happening at the Salhiya Plaza in Kuwait city and today is the last day. You really shouldn’t miss it! From 3:00 to 10:00 pm. But the timings might change in case it rains so follow them on Twitter or Instagram @pltq8 and they will keep you updated.

And we continue..


PLT-Haraka (2)

PLT-Haraka (3)

PLT-Haraka (4)

Haraka (from Bahrain)





PLT-Lomer (4)


PLT-Lomer (3)

Loomer Arabic Jewelry (from KSA)


PLT-Lulwa Al Amin (2)

PLT-Lulwa Al Amin (3)

PLT-Lulwa Al Amin

Lulwa Al-Amin

Loved her work


PLT-Mixage (3)

PLT-Mixage (2)

PLT-Mixage (4)

PLT-Mixage (5)

PLT-Mixage (6)

PLT-Mixage (7)


Mixage Boutique



PLT-Razan Alazzouni (2)

PLT-Razan Alazzouni

Threads by Razan Al-Azzouni (from KSA)



PLT-Topshop (2)

PLT-Topshop (3)



Part 3 will feature my 3 favorite designers. Stay tuned!



  1. Wow!! I’ve read too many reviews on the event yet only this one got my interest! I’m going right after work!! ..Even though most items seem to be for girls.. But I’m liking the Muna-Lisa T-shirt covered with a Shmagh !! haha! .. I probably could also find some cool gifts there too!
    I love organization and the post waaaaaaaaaaayid mrattab mashallah.. many clear photos.. info..even websites!! mashallah.. You’re a grrreat blogger..chan zain all the rest are like that!!
    All the best, I hope Part 3 is posted before I leave work at 3:30 😛


    • I’m very glad you liked it thank you! Loved your feedback too. Have fun there 😉


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