Getting Pampered At Rola’s Beauty Lounge

Rola's copy

For a long time now I’ve been desperately wanting some relaxation/beauty time and I finally got the chance to enjoy that a couple of days ago. All thanks to a very generous, well-timed invite from Rola’s Beauty Lounge to try out their facial, back massage, hair treatment & brushing, and mani/pedi services. Talk about pampering!

I was so looking forward to my appointment and as soon as I walked into the place I knew I would not be disappointed. The interiors are so pretty with white orchids all over.

Rola's (2) copy

Rola's (3) copy

Rola's (4) copy

Rola's (5) copy

Rola's (6) copy

I started with a tour around the salon. Above is the gorgeous massage/treatments area. They have different kinds of advanced machines for fat burning, body shaping, laser hair removal. Several types of facials and massages are also available.

Rola's (7) copyThe sauna/Moroccan bath room.

Rola's (8) copySee the water nozzles on the top of this machine? These are used for body massage.

Rola's (9) copyAn irrelevant picture; this is used during laser hair removal. But I thought it looked yummy 😛

Rola's (10) copy

After the tour it was time for my facial. The specialist’s name was Marina. She had a close look at my skin and thought an oxy facial would be suitable for me.

Rola's (11) copy

Rola's (12) copy

This is the Oxy machine. It uses blue light and red light technology to clean and refresh the skin. A mask is then applied and left for about 10 mins while I got to breathe some pure oxygen. The whole facial from start to finish felt amazing!

Rola's (13) copy

Rola's (14) copy

Moving on to the hair treatment. Handled by Paula. She examined my hair and suggested a nourishing treatment for curly hair.

Rola's (15) copy

Rola's (16) copyWhat’s inside the mirror? A TV screen.

Rola's (17) copy

Rola's (18) copy

The hair wash area is lovely! Each basin has an LED head light that changes color.

Rola's (19) copy

Rola's (20) copy

Rola's (21) copyThese are the products used in the hair treatment. Each customer would have different products, depending on her hair type.

Rola's (22) copyAfter applying the treatment my hair sat inside a steamer for 10 minutes.

Rola's (23) copy

Then some hair styling. I love embracing my curls. But they can be very high-maintenance sometimes.

Rola's (24) copy

I got samples of these shampoos, dedicated to curly hair. Can’t wait to see how they change my hair.
Rola's (25) copy

Rola's (26) copy

Manicure & pedicure time. Many colors available. I chose my favorite: nude.

Rola's (27) copy

Rola's (28) copy

Rola's (29) copy

They sell these OPI hand creams and other OPI products that I didn’t know exist.

Rola's (30) copy

Rola's (31) copy

Rola's (32) copy

Rola's (33) copy

Last but not least.. The back massage. I don’t know the name of the lady who did it for me. But she was really good. I asked her to focus on my neck and shoulders and I really felt a relief.

Rola's (34) copy

Rola's (35) copy

The beauty lounge also sells hair accessories and jewelry.

Rola's (36) copy

Rola's (37) copy

Rola's (38) copy

Rola's (39) copy

Rola's (40) copyPalm bracelet. Those are diamonds by the way.

Rola's (41) copyThis is a body candle. They light the candle and wait for it to melt into oil. The oil is then used for body massages.

Rola's (42) copyBeautiful Kohl containers.

I seriously think I found my new favorite salon in Kuwait. You really must check it out.

Rola’s Beauty Lounge is located at Symphony mall, 2nd floor. Use the mall entrance opposite the AUK.

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @RolasBeautyLounge

Thank you Joumana! 🙂



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