Triple Perfection At Triangle Restaurant

Triangle Kw (12) copy

Several nights ago I was introduced to what is now the latest addition to my favorite restaurants list; Triangle. Delicious food and a cozy, quiet outdoor seating. Add the amazing weather to the mix and you get the perfect hang out.

Triangle started out 3 years ago with home-delivery only and less than a year ago they finally opened their first restaurant in Kuwait City. They go by the triangle theme, obviously, so everything in there is triangular in shape.

They serve burgers, pastas, salads, a large variety of appetizers, and desserts. I really cannot emphasize how great the food is. We could not.stop.eating! Nothing we ordered was average. The mini burgers and rocca salad were my favorite. My friend loved the buffalo chicken wings.

Triangle Kw (14) copy

Triangle Kw (13) copy

Triangle Kw (15) copy

Triangle Kw (1) copyHaving a picture menu makes our lives so much easier

Triangle Kw (3) copyCool drinking jar no?

Somebody once said the eye tastes before the mouth sometimes. Now have a lick 😛

Triangle Kw (4) copyCrazy fries

Triangle Kw (5) copyI forgot the name of this. It was stuffed with mushrooms.

Triangle Kw (6) copyRocca salad. Sun-dried tomatoes rock!

Triangle Kw (9) copy

Triangle Kw (7) copySteak bites

Triangle Kw (8) copyBuffalo chicken wings

Triangle Kw (10) copyMozzarella sticks

Triangle Kw (11) copyMinis

Triangle Kw (16) copyAnd for dessert: Nutella heaven, a name well earned.

Triangle Kw (17) copy

Triangle is on Facebooktwitter, and IG @Trianglekw

Kuwait City, Ali Al-Salem street, exactly before the entrance of Souq Al-Kabeer. Free valet parking is available.

Here’s a map..

triangle map



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