Getting To Know Vavavoom

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I never really thought about what it takes to keep a store like Vavavoom running, that was up until I was contacted by the lovely people who make it all happen and given a full tour inside their Avenues store. I learned about some things that I never even heard of before! The place is a lot more that just a buy & sell venue, they offer some pretty neat services in a hush-hush kind of way!

Since I’m excited to tell you about the things they have backstage I will start by showing you these first and later the photos of the store.

See these doors? Each is hiding a treatment room fully equipped with products of the brand you see on the door. The treatments/facials are done by experts and are totally free of charge! You can actually walk into the store, ask for a facial, get one, and walk out, as simple as that!

You can even get your own products and the experts will apply them for you.

Vavavoom (19)

Vavavoom (26)

Vavavoom (20)

I had a look inside the La Prairie room, it was the only one unoccupied.

Vavavoom (4)
Vavavoom (2)

Vavavoom (3)

Vavavoom (21)

Another service they offer is Beauty Shots. This room you see below can be all yours to have a makeup partaaay with your girlfriends. You only need to book a week in advance and the guys at Vavavoom will set up several makeup stations around the room, each station with its own make up artist. All for free too!

Vavavoom (1)

Vavavoom (25)

The gents get their fair share of treats as well; A private treatment room dedicated to them only. Another service that is totally free!

Vavavoom (24)

Vavavoom (22)

Vavavoom (23)

Now that we’re done with the free services let’s have a look inside the store.. I enjoyed hearing the stories behind some of the brands they have there and how it all happened.

Vavavoom (5)

They’re very proud to be the only store of its kind that uses so many posters both inside the store and outside. They have full displays of huge posters that are changed every week.

Vavavoom (6)

Vavavoom (7)

They say Bassam Fattouh make up is the most popular. Specially the Haifa Wehbe line.

Vavavoom (8)

This is not a normal Gorgio Armani stand, it’s actually called a Castle. And it’s one of only two in Kuwait. The other one is located at Harvey Nichols.Vavavoom (9)

Vavavoom (10)

Vavavoom (11)

Vavavoom (12)

Vavavoom (13)

Vavavoom (15)

Hind Al Oud, a high-end Emirati brand.

Vavavoom (16)

Vavavoom (17)

Vavavoom (18)

Vavavoom (27)

Vavavoom (28)

Vavavoom (29)

Vavavoom (14)

Vavavoom (30)

Vavavoom (31)

The goodie bags had more and more surprises. Yes you saw that correctly. Nails inc. polishes are finally in Kuwait and being sold exclusively at Vavavoom!

Vavavoom (32)

And finally their latest revelation. The Vavavoom line of make up brushes!

Vavavoom (33)

Vavavoom (34)

And last but not least, another great idea; the smokey eye kit by Vavavoom.

I’m also planning to try one of their services soon and will surely share my experience here once I do.

A huge sincere thanks to the great spirits in the Vavavoom team, specially Adel Al-Shatti and Abdulhadi Hafez 🙂


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