List Of The Top Real Estate Companies In Kuwait


Arabian Business published a list of the top 50 GCC real estate companies according to their market cap and I filtered out the companies in Kuwait only. 27/50 ranks is actually really good!

The top 10 real estate companies in Kuwait are:

  • 1. Al Mabanee Co (GCC rank: 5)
  • 2. Salhiah Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 15)
  • 3. United Real Estate Co (GCC rank:18)
  • 4. The Commercial Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 19)
  • 5. National Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 22)
  • 6. Al-Themar International Holding Co (GCC rank: 24)
  • 7. Tamdeen Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 26)
  • 8. Kuwait Remal Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 27)
  • 9. Sokouk Holding Co (GCC rank: 29)
  • 10. Al-Mazaya Holding Co (GCC rank: 32)

And the rest of the list:

  • 11. Kuwait Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 33)
  • 12. Abyaar Real Estate Development Co (GCC rank: 34)
  • 13. ALARGAN International Real Estate Company (GCC rank: 35)
  • 14. First Dubai for Real Estate Development Co (GCC rank: 37)
  • 15. Al Enmaa Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 38)
  • 16. Aayan Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 39)
  • 17. Injazzat Real Estate Dev. Co (GCC rank: 40)
  • 18. Ajial Real Estate Entertainment Co (GCC rank: 41)
  • 19. Manazel Holding Co (GCC rank: 42)
  • 20. Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co (GCC rank: 43)
  • 21. Aqar Real Estate Investments Co (GCC rank: 44)
  • 22. Kuwait Business Town Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 45)
  • 23. Union Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 46)
  • 24. Investors Holding Group Co (GCC rank: 47)
  • 25. Al Massaleh Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 48)
  • 26. Al Arabiya Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 49)
  • 27. Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Co (GCC rank: 50)


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