Review: Ubon

Ubon (6) copy


I finally got to try out Ubon Thai restaurant which had been on my to-do list for a while. It’s my first time with Thai and I loved it. The food was so PERFECT I couldn’t stop eating. It’s the type of food I would specifically crave on my hungriest hour. It’s simply that good.

The outdoor seating is very cozy and heaters are available. Heaters that can actually warm you up not those tall useless ones.

Ubon is located in Kuwait City, right next to Triangle restaurant – perfect neighbors. Here’s a map

Ubon (9) copy

Ubon (1) copyCoconut soup

Ubon (2) copyJasmine steamed rice

Ubon (4) copyYellow shrimp curry

Ubon (8) copy

Ubon (3) copyGarlic rice

Ubon (5) copyGreen chicken curry



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