The Scientific Center’s Gift Shop

Scientific center gift shop (3) copy

On my latest trip to the aquarium I had to pass by the Scientific Center’s gift shop. It always has some pretty interesting stuff that I love to check out. I only took a few photos though. Check them out..

Scientific center gift shop (4) copyReal insects and other small creatures. It’s very interesting to look at the details on these tiny fellas.

Scientific center gift shop (1) copyRemote controlled clownfish balloon. They had the shark balloon too. I think it was for 12-13 KD.

Scientific center gift shop (6) copyBrine shrimp aquarium. I think the aquarium comes with the shrimp eggs already in it and you have to fill it with water and watch them grow. Comes with a magnifying glass since they’re so tiny.

Scientific center gift shop (2) copyPaint your own frog/cow/kitty bank. Fun!

Scientific center gift shop (5) copyDinosaur puzzle. I can honestly say this would easily keep me busy for an hour or so, depending how hard the puzzle is. I guess the toy-loving side of me never really grew up.


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