Mayadeen Shooting Range

Shooting range (5) copy

I finally experienced holding a real gun in my hands and firing it! It’s a much more powerful experience than I imagined. For starters, the gun shot is LOUD. And when you pull the trigger the shooting bullet pushes the gun backwards in huge force. And pointing it at a target isn’t easy at all! Action movies give us the wrongest idea about this.

Mayadeen Shooting Range is located in Sabhan, behind Sahara Golf Club (here’s a map). I don’t know about their morning timings but for the evening they open from 5-9 pm.

I handed my ID at the entrance then headed to the basement where I checked in by filling out a form and choosing my gun, went for the 9 mm.

Here are the guns and prices..

shooting 7

Shooting range (3) copy

I was then directed to the 25 m range. A staff asked if it was my first time and since it was, he explained everything to me and stood close while I shot, in case I needed any help.

Shooting range (6)

Shooting range (2) copy

Seeing those empty shells all over the floor really puts you in the mood and pushes your adrenaline up. I couldn’t wait to fire my first shot!

Shooting range (1) copy

Shooting range (4) copy

Annnd here’s my shooting board. They let you keep it. How do you think I did? I think I might have a hidden Van Damme side in me after all.

The whole process took less than 10 minutes. But still somehow felt enough. I will be going back to try different guns. Eyeing the 38 cal revolver already!




  1. It’s pretty depressing, they had a bigger collection before January. I used to go all the time and they had a .44 available too boot. It’s all gone now :[
    You did great by the way!
    (Although you did this post this awhile back haha.)


    • This was my first time there so I don’t really know what they used to have. Their collection seemed pretty decent though. It would take me infinity to try all the available guns/rifles and get bored with them. Thanks for the encouragement! hehe


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